Simon Templer’s Kadish Quest

A prelude story introduction Clue Quest that starts off a Quest Series of games made up of Jahmen’s Story Journals and Clue Quests.

The Quest Series was originally release in-cavern as a real-time event that lasted 6 weeks, now adapted to a Ki run PM version to play.

It has 12 Journal Quests that tell the Story of a lost Age & Bevin found by 2 explorers that had stayed behind after the close of the cavern.

The Story Journals are the rewards to solving Clue Quests.

Clue Quests are made up of text markers for puzzles of letters to words, words to sentence and math.

The Quests were designed with the difficulty level to challenge several explorers working together. Attempted Single Player drop out rates were 100%, though some managed first 2 Clue Quests to date.

Contact Simon Templer at KI# 07297522 to receive this marker game.


About Jordan Smith

Customer Experience and Marketing Manager at Simply Charlotte Mason. Indie author marketing specialist and writer of books on such topics. Filmmaker and multimedia producer when opportunity arises.
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